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Teen Murdered While Taking Out the Garbage at Work

Posted by Fidel Ernesto Vásquez I, en 24 marzo 2013


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(Memphis) A teenager working at an East Memphis restaurant is dead after he is murdered on the job. 

Memphis Police say he was taking out the trash at the end of his shift about 4:00am on Saturday when was attacked.

It happened at the El Toro Loco Mexican Bar and Grill on Kirby Road.

Friends told News Channel 3 that the 19-year-old victim is Aaron Vasquez.

Saturday night was going to be his last night at the restaurant, they say.

The bar and grill was even hosting a party for him, but that was all cut short when he was stabbed to death while doing his job early Saturday morning.

The restaurant is temporarily closed.

“It’s so sad that a 19-year-old boy lost his life just taking out the trash,” said Austin Swope, who works nearby. “It’s terrible.”

Memphis Police say Aaron Vasquez was taking out the trash when a man dressed in a black hoodie and gloves, armed with a knife, attacked him. Vasquez ran back inside the restaurant after he was stabbed and collapsed.

Another employee found him.

“It’s really scary,” said Swope. “I was here taking out the trash just a few hours before that happened.”

Aaron was a sophomore at the University of Memphis and was quitting work at the restaurant just as he was preparing to spend more time with his music.

He played in a band with friends he met at St. Benedict High School. He told the college newspaper just a week ago, “I hope the music takes us somewhere fun”.

“He’s just a kid trying to start his life with a job,” said Kendryia Robinson. “I think that’s messed up.”

Meanwhile, others who work in the Kirby Gate Shopping Center are being extra careful.

“I’m paying a little more attention,” said Swope. “[I’ll] walk out the front door and make sure there are no suspicious cars sitting out where I’m going to be.”

Police are not saying whether it was a robbery attempt.

Friends say Vasquez may have been confronting someone who was breaking into his car when he was attacked. Police have not confirmed that.

Anyone with information on this murder can call Crime Stoppers at 901.528.CASH.



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