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Murdered Teen’s Parents: Aaron Vásquez Loved Life, Was Happy

Posted by Fidel Ernesto Vásquez I, en 2 abril 2013

Aaron Vasquez

MEMPHIS, TN ( – Family members are opening up about the murder of a popular and well-loved University of Memphis student. Aaron Vasquez was stabbed to death last month while taking out the trash at El Toro Loco Mexican Restaurant in east Memphis. His parents talked with ABC 24 News about the life their son lived and the memories he leaves behind.

The emotional wounds are still very fresh for the Vasquez family. The death of Aaron Vasquez has caused a great pain, but it’s also brought everyone closer together.
“He was always very cheerful, very cheerful,” said Aaron’s father, Alfredo Vasquez.

His mother, Desiree Vasquez, added, “He was fun, he loved life.”

Goofy, fun, loving, those are just a few words to describe the 19-year-old University of Memphis honor roll student.

“There will never be enough words to describe my son and there will never be enough to describe what he could’ve been.”

This is the first time Aaron’s parents are opening up to the media since their son was killed on March 23rd. It was his last day working at El Toro Loco.

“I was worried as a mom, I would say, ‘Papi, you don’t need to work,’ but he liked it.”
Aaron’s parents want the world to know how much he was loved, and how much he loved everyone in his life.

“I always say he was a people pleaser, liked to get people happy, and busy – he’s always busy.”

Busy, because Aaron’s parents say he wanted to do it all. He played all sorts of sports growing up. He was an avid skateboarder and was on the swim team. He also loved playing the guitar and was in a band.

“19 years he lived life and he was happy,” his mother said.

Juggling school, work, and his band, Aaron Vasquez managed to make time to tell his family how much he loved them everyday.

“He would call mommy and say, ‘Te quiero mucho mami,’ which is ‘I love you, mommy.’ No matter how in a hurry he was he had time to say that – to his dad, to his sister, for all of us.”

Only countless pictures, videos, and memories are left behind, but through prayer the family says his spirit will live forever.

Aaron’s parents say the community outpouring of support has been tremendous and they are very thankful.

Aaron Vasquez’s band, The Trey Jewell Band, will throw a benefit concert in downtown Memphis at Brinson’s, located at 341 Madison Ave, on Friday, April 19, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.



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